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Over the past 6 years I have been creating everything from content and blog posts to websites and physical products. My background in architecture and analytical, creative mind have never been able to cross paths until now.

Hummmble started as a response to everyday frustrations with current social media platforms. Users wanted to connect authentically and efficiently, but profit is often at the centre of tech companies that own these platforms, disenfranchising the user.

These were the team findings:

"We spoke to over 1000 of our friends who are interested in Hummmble and 84% of you believe that you would prefer social media if there were more boundaries in place when it comes to sharing. 

We were not surprised to hear that 76% of our friends use social media apps right before bed, meaning the last thing they see before they shut their eyes is content shared by somebody else - negative or positive.

Another 76% of our friends believe that social media has impacted them negatively in some way. Here is what some of them believe.... 


“Constant comparison between my life and others...”

“I find that it can shorten my focus time.”

“It’s a massive distraction for me.”

“Sometimes, there’s so much negativity shared and even when I tired avoid the negativity it finds me.”

We think social media is a amazing but it hasn’t been build with you and your health in mind. Your health has been seen as an add-on rather than a priority."

What we are missing is design that helps us thrive and become better versions of ourselves - products that help you become the best you possible.


Hummmble is design for better living and we plan to do this in every single way possible via amazing, human centred design primarily by listening and responding to you.

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