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Project Management

Creative Direction

NAVIA is a start-up Scandinavian beauty hub supplying products unavailable to women of colour across Scandinavian nations. 


Brief: To create an alluring launch campaign, including 4 diverse looks, for a Scandinavian beauty with a target audience being women of colour.


Creative Team:

Co-Creative Director - Claude Kiseke

Make Up - Painted By Esther

Photography & Retouching - Floss Studio

Model - Naomi Smith


The notion was to showcase four vibrant looks using a model that would translate the essence Navia well. Scandinavian beauty standards are white-washed, and the intention was to almost disrupt current beauty ideals, pandering specifically to those who feel isolated and under-represented within Scandinavia. We required a model that would be a good representative of Navia’s target audience that we could execute 4 adventurous looks with.


The ethos was to lead by example and be the change that Navia so desperately wanted to create. I was well aware that campaigns for a similar target audience would launch with several models of colour ranging from the darkest to lighter skin tones to signify inclusivity; however, we wanted the campaign to speak for itself. Traditional campaigns using one model rarely need to consider who will be isolated in the process. I found one model that would set the tone for Navia’s launch.

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